How long is the support life cycle for a specific version/release of Metadefender Core V4?

OPSWAT provides support on each release of Metadefender Core for 18 months after the publication of the next release of the product (i.e. once a new release is published, you have 18 more months of support on the previous release). However, bug fixes and enhancements are applied only to the next release of a product, not to the current release or historical releases, even when those releases are still under support. In some cases hot-fixes can be provided for the current release of the product, and then incorporated as a regular fix in the next release.

OPSWAT strongly encourages customers to upgrade to the latest release on a regular basis and not to wait until the end of a releases supported life-cycle.

 Release number 
Release date
End-of-life date


 12 Oct 2016

11 Apr 2018


 30 Sep 2016

29 Mar 2018


 10 Aug 2016

09 Feb 2018


 12 May 2016

11 Nov 2017


 19 Feb 2016

18 Aug 2017


 30 Sep 2015

29 Mar 2017


 10 Aug 2015

09 Feb 2017


 16 Jul 2015 

15 Jan 2017


This article pertains to all supported releases of Metadefender Core v.4.x
This article was last updated on 2016-11-22

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