What should I do if an engine is in "failed" or "permanently_failed" status?

It is possible that some customers after they have activated the Metadefender Core V4 product, during the downloading process of engines, some of the engines could be in "failed" or "permanently failed" status. 

In this case, customers can do the follow the things: 

  • Make sure your system is set up according to our system requirements which can be found in documentation.
  • Disable and enable each engine, one after another.
  • Go to Inventory → Scan Agents page and check Agents one by one and see if there is any issue displayed on the Issues tab. Resolve the issues displayed. Example of issues:
    • If Data Sanitization is the single engine which is not active, you have to install .NET framework 4.6 and restart services. 
    • If you have a local antivirus product installed, you have to add both OPSWAT folder and resources folder at exclusion's list of that antivirus and then follow the above steps again.


If you have followed all these steps and your engines are stil unable to use, please see how to create support package, login into OPSWAT Portal and open a ticket with us in which attach the support package. 


This article applies to Metadefender Core product version v.4.x
This article was last updated on 2016-11-22

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