How do I enable Metadefender Endpoint Management's auto-update feature?

Metadefender Endpoint is able to automatically update to the latest version whenever OPSWAT releases a new agent.

To enable this feature, the administrator needs to enable the agent's auto-update feature in the Metadefender Endpoint Management settings by:

  1. Log into Metadefender Endpoint Management as the account Administrator
  2. Go to the Configure tab and then Global Settings
  3. On the Device Agents tab, check on the “Allow Metadefender Endpoint to automatically update to the latest version” option as shown in the screenshot below
  4. Click the Save button to save the setting change





OPSWAT only supports agent auto-update from one version to another with a maximum of 3 releases apart. i.e. If a user has an agent which is at version, OPSWAT only supports auto-upgrade from this agent version to 3 released versions immediately after:,,


This article applies to Metadefender Endpoint Management product.
This article was last updated on 2016-09-30.

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