Metadefender Core V4 shows a large number of files that failed to scan. What can I do?

Metadefender Core V4 introduces an option that modifies the behavior of Metadefender Core when a specific engine fails to scan.

Under normal circumstances, all active engines scan every file. Occasionally, an engine will encounter a file that causes it to crash. When this happens, Metadefender Core will wait some time for the engine to recover, after which it will step in and restart the engine itself. During this waiting time, the engine’s results will be logged as “Failed to scan”.

However, Metadefender Core can be configured to simply fail the scan if any of the engines report problems. In other words, it can toss out all partially incomplete scans. Under the correct circumstances, this can give the illusion that Metascan is failing to scan large amounts of files.

Disabling this option can be done by:

  1. In your web browser, navigate to the Metadefender Core Management Console at:http://localhost:8008/ (you may need to login under admin privilege)
  2. On the left menu, click on Policies, and navigate to Security Rule to list all available rules
  3. Click on a rule you are actively working on for the current scan, a window pops up where beside the rule properties all the chosen workflow's options are shown on the different tabs.
  4. Click on Scan tab
  5. Uncheck the option "Scan failure threshold" shown below:



This article applies to Metadefender Core product version 4.x (Windows and Linux)
This article was last updated on 2016-09-20

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