Why does the deployment ID appears NULL In Metadefender Core 4.x?

Metadefender Core's license activation / trial key request depends on the deployment ID. The deployment ID can be NULL if product couldn't fetch the required HW/OS related information. Most of the times, this issue is caused by not having a default route set up. To see if you already have a default route or if you want to set up one by your own, please click the link below if you are running the product on Windows:


To see default route and/or your network settings under a Linux distribution, please consult your distribution's administrator guide.

Note: OPSWAT recommends enabling at least one network card when using Metadefender Core 4.x, even if it's not linked to any network.

This article is applicable for all Metadefender Core v4.0 - v4.4 versions


This article pertains to Metadefender Core V4.X
This product was last updated on 2016-08-26

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