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Where are all of the Metascan knowledge base articles that I used to access?

OPSWAT has moved the location of Metadefender and Metascan Knowledge Base articles to https://onlinehelp.opswat.com/corev3/12._Knowledge_Base_Articles.html.  We are consolidating all product documentation in one "online help" location. This site will contain user guides, developer guides, release notes, and knowledge base articles.  It allows users to search on desired subjects or keywords without having to guess at which type of document(s) contains the relevant information

Note that in February, 2016, with the release of 3.11.1, OPSWAT renamed Metascan to Metadefender Core v3. Knowledge base articles that had been in the Metascan section of our knowledge base were reviewed and either moved to the Metadefender Core v3 section or, in cases where the article was deemed no longer applicable, removed entirely from our knowledge base. Even articles that pertain solely to releases of the product from before 3.11.1 are now in the Metadefender Core v3 section (though in some cases the article body might refer to the product as Metascan.)


If you still cannot find what you are looking for in https://onlinehelp.opswat.com/corev3, please contact OPSWAT Support.


This article applies to the Metascan and Metadefender Core v3 KB articles
This article was last updated on 2017-01-13.