How do I deploy Metadefender Core v4 to an offline Linux environment?

Metadefender Core 4.x supports deployment in either online or offline environments.

There are four steps to getting up and running in an offline environment:

  1. Install Metadefender Core on the offline server
  2. Activate your license
  3. Install and configure the Metadefender Update Downloader utility
  4. Apply the offline updates that are downloaded by the update utility to the offline Metadefender Core server

Installing Metadefender Core

The Metadefender Core installation packages can be downloaded from the OPSWAT Portal.  After logging into the portal, go to the Downloads page where you can select the Metadefender Core package you wish to download. The supported platforms include Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Download the appropriate installer for your distribution:

License Activation

After Metadefender Core is installed, you will need to activate your Metadefender Core installation. 

  1. Log into your Metadefender Core Management Console at http://localhost:8008/. The default user ID and password for a new installation are "admin" and "admin"
  2. Go to Settings > License.
  3. Log into the OPSWAT Portal and navigate to the Metadefender Offline Activation page.
  4. Enter your license key and the activation code that you obtained from the Metadefender Core Management Console
  5. Apply that key to your Metadefender Core server via the Management Console.

Installing the Metadefender Update Downloader Utility

If your Metadefender Core server is deployed offline, you will need to use the Update Downloader utility to download the anti-malware definition updates to be applied to the server. You can download the Update Downloader utility from the OPSWAT Portal

Once you have installed the Update Downloader, apply your license key to activate the product: 

  1. Log into the Update Downloader Management Console at http://<server>:8028/. The default user ID and password are admin/admin.
  2. Apply your license key under Settings > License. This automatically configures the Update Downloader to download the anti-malware engine updates that are included with your license.
  3. Update the configuration for update download and package generation on the Settings page of the Management Console.

Applying Offline Updates

Once the update packages have been downloaded, you can apply them to the offline Metadefender Core server through the Metadefender Core Management Console. 

  1. Copy all of the update packages from the directory where the Update Downloader saves the updates to the offline Metadefender Core system 
  2. Upload the update packages through the Metadefender Core Management Console
  3. Select the engine update packages from the directory where the Update Downloader is configured to save the update packages. 


Contacting OPSWAT Support

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties in setting up your offline deployment of Metadefender Core 4.x, please contact the OPSWAT Support team


This article applies to Metadefender Core product.
This article was last updated on 2016-08-31.

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