How can I add more anti-malware engines to my Infections module?

For the moment we offer the integration between Metadefender Endpoint and Metadefender Core through our Metadefender Cloud solutions. For demo purposes we are enabling only ClamAV, but for production you will be able to use our entire offering available through our Metadefeder Core. You will not be able to use all 40+ engines from Metadefender Cloud, you will have to select one of the desired packages in our Metadefender Core offering, plus customs engines.


We will host and maintain your Metadefender Core instance through our Metadefender Cloud, which will allow you to focus on the essential part of your job, to enforce high security standards in your organization, not focusing on updating and maintaining the Metadefender Core instance. Based on the number of engines and the expected traffic coming from your endpoints, you might need more than one instance. Please contact our sales team to have a deeper discussion about Metadefender Core, the packages and deployments options.


This article was last updated on 2016-06-14

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