How do I integrate Metadefender Endpoint Management to my NAC or SSL/VPN solution?

Metadefender Endpoint Management easily integrates with third party products such as Network Access Control, IPSEC VPN and SSL VPN, providing advanced compliance and compromised device information which these solutions can utilize to make enforcement actions.

Below is a list of product-specific guideline documents on integrating Metadefender Endpoint Management to a number of different NAC and SSL/VPN products.  

The client-side document below shows how you can create custom process and registry checks on Windows and Mac devices to ensure that Gears process is running and that the endpoint is compliant before allowing the device onto your network.

Note that these documents are only guidelines to be used as the starting point of an integration initiative. These guidelines were written in 2015 based on integration work we did in our labs using the then current versions of the NAC and SSL/VPN products.  

Also, note that within the documents Metadefender Endpoint Management is referred to as Gears, which was the name of our product at that time.











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