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Why are the Metascan and Metadefender product names different than what they used to be?

In February 2016, OPSWAT consolidated our product offerings into one security suite. We changed the Metascan name to Metadefender. The core multi-scanning engine is still referred to as Metascan, however the combination of the different threat protection modules is now Metadefender Core.  

For a visual representation of these changes, you can take a look at the diagram below, showing the entire Metadefender product family.


The product previously known as Metadefender is now referred to as Metadefender Kiosk, and is one of the products in the Metadefender Security Suite (see below).

Metadefender Core is available in three versions: 

  1. Metadefender Core (on-premises, previously Metascan)
  2. Metadefender Cloud (previously Metascan Online, metascan-online.com is being redirected to Metadefender.com)
  3. Metadefender Hash Database (on-premises, daily updated hash database of Metadefender Cloud).

For your convenience, we have mapped the previous product names to the new names below:

Previous Product Name

New Product Name

Metascan Mail Agent

Metadefender Email

Metascan ICAP

Metadefender Proxy


Metadefender Kiosk

Metadefender Secure File Transfer

No Change

Metascan Client

Metadefender Client

Gears Client

Metadefender Endpoint

Gears Cloud

Metadefender Endpoint Management


Metadefender Core

Metascan Online

Metadefender Cloud

Metascan Hash Database

Metadefender Hash Database

Please note that these changes do not impact any of your current licenses, but the OPSWAT Portal, the Support ticketing system, and new releases of the products themselves  reflect the new product names. Updates to the knowledge base are occurring over time, so be sure to check for new materials. 

This article pertains to Metadefender 3.11 and above, Metadefender 4.2 and above, and Metadefender Kiosk 3.3 and above
This article was last updated on 2016-02-23