How do I Install Metadefender Core V4 for Linux?

Change directory to the folder where you saved the installer for Metascan Linux (e.g. /home/tvu/Downloads): ls  ~/Downloads

  • CentOS / Redhat: sudo yum install ometascan_<version>.rpm
    • This command will auto download and install all missing dependencies if any (press "Y" to proceed to download and install all dependent packages)

  • Ubuntu / Debian: sudo dpkg -i ometascan_<version>.deb
    • This command will NOT auto download and install missing dependencies, if happens you are supposed to see this kind of error message:

    • Then you just need to run this command to auto resolve this dependencies problem and install Metascan afterwards: sudo apt-get install -f

This article pertains to Metadefender Core V4 for Linux
This article was last updated on 2016-07-27

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