How do I read the Metadefender Endpoint Management Inventory Report?

When downloading and viewing the CSV inventory report, there are many columns of data. Some are self explanatory, others are not. Here is a list of the less obvious items and what they mean:

  • Hardware ID: This is the unique device ID assigned by Metadefender Endpoint Management
  • Nickname: By default this is the host name, but it can be customized in the Metadefender Endpoint Management console. If customized, the new name appears as the nickname. The host name is always reported separately.
  • Active: 0 if the device isn't in contact with Metadefender Endpoint Management cloud, 1 if it is.
  • Policy items (beginning with "Antiphishing")
    • The row value is 0 if the device is compliant, 1 if there is an issue, 2 if it is a critical issue.
    • If the heading for a policy item is surrounded by ( ), it means this issue is not enabled in your current Metadefender Endpoint Management device policy. 
    • Each policy has a category and subcategories. Subcategories are denoted with a : symbol (e.g. "Antivirus" and "Antivirus:DefinitionTime")

This article applies to the Windows persistent Metadefender Endpoint client.
This article was last updated on 2015-06-10

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