Can I use my own logo or text in the Metadefender Endpoint?

The Metadefender Endpoint Management installed clients for Windows and Mac are completely customizable. The Metadefender Endpoint for Android is customizable upon request. The Linux client is not yet customizable as it does not have a GUI.

You can download the guide here, or just get started by logging in and going to the rebranding area of account settings.

In general, the steps are:

  1. Enable rebranding by checking the box "Customize the Gears application for your organization"
  2. Download the default branding package
  3. Find the downloaded zip file and extract it
  4. Open the XML file and change any text you wish, as well as hiding any optional tabs and changing colors
  5. Replace any images or icons you want
  6. Zip the folder again, go back to Metadefender Endpoint Management and upload it
  7. Click Save and wait a couple minutes for the updated package to be distributed to your devices

By changing the encoding of the XML file to 'UTF-8 without BOM' you may use any unicode (two-byte) characters.

(note that the images on below still reflect the older name of Metadefender Endpoint Management, which was Gears)



This article pertains to all versions of Metadefender Endpoint
This article was last updated on 2015-09-15

(This article was changed to reflect the new name of Metadefender Endpoint on 2016-02-24)

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