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What is the difference between portal.opswat.com, and opswat.com?

As of April 1, 2015, OPSWAT Portal is available through the following three URLS: myportal.opswat.com, and my.opswat.com, portal.opswat.com. The distinctions between the URLS are:

  • myportal.opswat.com takes you to the homepage tab on Portal
  • my.opswat.com takes you to the knowledge base tab on Portal
  • portal.opswat.com was an older version of Portal.  Now that this older version is retired, portal.opswat.com is the underlying URL for myportal.opswat.com (i.e. myportal.opswat.com now redirects to portal.opswat.com)

OPSWAT.com is OPSWAT's general website, not the Portal.  Use OPSWAT.com to learn about our products and services, to learn about our company, to read our blog, etc.