Can I blacklist or block certain applications on endpoints?

With the innumerable amount of applications available for users to install on their system (knowingly or not), it is critical that IT and security groups have visibility and control. Concerns like Shadow IT, riskware, grayware, potentially unwanted applications, and potentially unsafe applications are very real and can increase the chances of a breach, infection or other harmful event. 

To setup application controls:

Log in to Metadefender Endpoint Management and go to the Device Policy page, you will then see a list of software categories. For each category you can report if it’s installed or running, and remediate with automatic uninstallation or process killing.


Metadefender Endpoint, using the OESIS Framework, rapidly detects and categorizes installed applications on the system, as well as observing which are actively running. This information is encrypted and sent to Metadefender Endpoint Management cloud where it is added to the database for that device. You then set your Unwanted Application policy to match certain application categories, and whether you care if they are simply installed or running, or both. Additionally you can mark these items as critical issues for finer control over secure access integrations.

Unseen duration is configurable separately for guest and managed devices (Click to enlarge)


After configuring the device policy, additional issue categories will appear in the dashboard and device views. 

Applications in orange are issues. Blue are compliant. Manually-triggered Uninstall is available (Click to enlarge)


The remediation page is updated for each category of unwanted software. Note that in the current release, the remediation page will not show an issue if the application is running, only if it is installed. 

The remediation page provides clear instructions to the user (Click to enlarge)

This article applies to the Windows persistent Metadefender Endpoint client.
This article was last updated on 2016-04-04


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