Why are some of my devices disappearing from the Metadefender Endpoint Management console?

The default data retention length in Metadefender Endpoint Management is 30-days. If a device is unseen for 30 consecutive days, then it will be automatically removed from your device list and dashboard. When the device is removed in this manner it will also free up a license token. 

Should the device reconnect in the future (after the 30-day mark) it will automatically re-register itself with your Metadefender Endpoint Management account. Should that now put you over your device limit it will be reported as a ghost device.

For users wishing to set a more aggressive clean-up period, the account settings in Metadefender Endpoint Management cloud allows 1/7/14 day durations to be set. 


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This article applies to the Windows persistent Metadefender Endpoint Management.
This article was last updated on 2015-04-04

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