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How do I use OESIS with a proxy or outbound firewall?

Some features of OESIS V4 require an internet connection. Most prominent among these are the vulnerability module, and online mode (auto-update). 

OESIS V4 supports native configuration of proxy settings with three configuration keys: 'Proxy Type', 'Proxy Name', 'Proxy Port'. The documentation for these can be found in the Configuration section of the V4 documentation, available online at: http://software.opswat.com/OESIS_V4/html/c_sdk.html or in the docs directory of the V4 package.

Alternatively, you can create an exception to allow outbound traffic to https://*.opswat.com or more specifically https://gearssdk.opswat.com/api


This article pertains to OESIS V4.
This article was last updated on 2015-11-12.