How can I control what happens to log files when devices are deleted?

Adding and removing devices is a normal (and sometimes hectic) part of managing a network. We understand this and strive to make Metadefender Endpoint Management as easy as possible for users to onboard themselves (account associations are embedded in the installer) to minimize the burden on IT. Additionally, if a user uninstalls Metadefender Endpoint, we will automatically detect the event and remove the device from the account. With all of these devices coming and going, it can introduce noise into management logs. This situation doesn’t apply to everyone, but when it does it can be frustrating. 

Metadefender Endpoint Management users can adjust the default behavior for log retention when a device is deleted. The default behavior is ‘Archive’, in which a deleted device’s logs are stored in Metadefender Endpoint Management cloud for the duration of the data retention period (30 days for standard accounts). The alternative option is ‘Purge’ mode, where a device deletion event causes all related log files in Metadefender Endpoint Management cloud to be wiped out. 

For the most flexibility, this setting is adjustable separately for managed and guest devices. 

(1) Logs for device 'SF-NG-T400-01' before deletion (Click to enlarge)

GEARS data retention feature

(2) Setting the retention mode to 'purge'

(3) User deletes the device and a record is created in the Device Events log (Click to enlarge)


(4) Entries for SF-NG-T400-01 are retroactively removed from the Device Activities log (Click to enlarge)


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This article applies to the Windows persistent Metadefender Endpoint Management.
This article was last updated on 2016-04-04


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