OPSWAT Support

What has changed in OPSWAT Portal for OESIS?

OPSWAT Portal was revamped on April 1, 2015.  The revamp includes a change to the navigation structure and some of the assets for OESIS.  The change reflects the evolution of OESIS to our latest version, OESIS V4.  

Accessing and Downloading OESIS Packages

OESIS licensees will continue to access and download the products from the "Download" tab in the Portal.  Once in the downloads page, users will need to choose OESIS or AppRemover from the left-side menu list.  Alternatively, users can access the pages directly at https://portal.opswat.com/en/product-categories/oesis-framework

The OESIS Framework category contains

  • OESIS V4 for Windows
  • OESIS V4 for OSX (coming soon)
  • OESIS V3-V4 Adapter for Windows
  • OESIS V3 for Windows, OSX and Linux 
  • OESIS Monitor

OESIS Release Notes

OESIS release notes are available only within the OESIS Package itself.  The readme file is called build_notes.txt. Once you download the package, you can view see the document in the root directory. (OESIS v4 does not contain release notes)

Support Charts and Metadata Charts

OESIS Support charts and metadata charts are available only within the OESIS Package itself. Once you download the package, you can view the release notes at /docs/support charts  (in OESIS  v4, this is only in the engine package, not the data package)

OESIS release metadata (aka "latest.xml") 

OPSWAT publishes an xml file that provides information of the latest release of each version of OESIS.  (Previously this file was called latest.xml).  More information about that file is available on our KB  Where is the "latest.xml" file in your current OPSWAT Portal (myportal.opswat.com)?