OPSWAT Support

Where is the "latest.xml" file in the current OPSWAT Portal (myportal.opswat.com)?

OPSWAT Portal was revamped on April 1, 2015.  The revamp includes a change to the navigation structure and some of the assets for OESIS.  You can find more information about that here.  

In the legacy portal we published a file called latest.xml containing metadata on the releases of OESIS and AppRemover.  Our customers could use that to compare their releases of OESIS and AppRemover to the latest releases.  

In the our current portal we have split the file into separate AppRemover specific and OESIS specifc files.  We have also slightly modified the xml structure of the file.  

The OESIS file can be found here. (You might notice the filepath contains "OESIS_V4" in it.  However, the file pertains to both V3 and V4 versions of OESIS)

The AppRemover file can be found here.