What happens if I exceed the limit of devices for my account?

Whether you have a free account with more than 25 devices, or a paid account, when you exceed this limit, several things will occur.

For all devices under the device limit, nothing will change at all, but devices exceeding the limit will become UNMANAGED devices. These will appear in a new device category in addition to the standard categories of desktop, laptop, server, and VM. 

So what does it mean that the device is UNMANAGED

Metadefender Endpoint: The GEARS App UI for these unmanaged devices will not change. Your device users will not see any difference whether they are device #1 or #26.

Metadefender Endpoint Management: Unmanaged devices will appear in their own category, and a count of these devices will be provided, but no other data will be available. 

Metadefender Endpoint API and Registry Keys: Unmanaged devices will not communicate normally with Metadefender Endpoint Management, so out-of-date results will be returned by the Metadefender Endpoint APIs and the local registry keys. Any integration depending on these APIs or registry keys won't necessarily fail, but would be based on inaccurate device status.


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