How do I go back to an older version of Metadefender Endpoint?

Option 1: From Metadefender Endpoint Management

All supported versions of Metadefender Endpoint are always accessible from download page for managed devices on Metadefender Endpoint Management. If you want to download an installer or portable executable file for on-demand agent, you need to go with the option 2.

  1. Login to Metadefender Endpoint Management
  2. Go to Configure, then navigate to Global Settings
  3. Check on “Enforced download managed agent version” and select a version you want to download; then hit Save
  4. Click on “Add Devices” on dashboard or devices page, select “Download Metadefender Endpoint for Managed Devices”
  5. Now you can download an installer for the selected version.


Option 2: From Metadefender Endpoint archived hosting:


The files provided here are for archival purposes and testing.


When using one of these files, further steps must be taken to associate it with your account:

  1. Look-up your account license key in Metadefender Endpoint Management (Configure > Global Settings). It is 32-characters long
  2. Rename the file according to the appropriate format, where ******************* is your license key
  3. Windows Installer, rename the msi file:
    OPSWAT_GEARS_CLIENT_3445-********************.msi for managed devices and OPSWAT_GEARS_CLIENT_3445-********************-0.msi for guest devices
  4. Windows Portable, rename the EXE file:
    opswat-gears_3445-********************.exe OR opswat-gears-admin_3445-********************.exe
  5. macOS Installer, rename the DMG file:
    OPSWAT_GEARS_CLIENT_3445-********************.dmg for managed devices and OPSWAT_GEARS_CLIENT_3445-********************-0.dmg for guest devices
  6. macOS Portable, edit a license file:
    Extract the zip file, open the following directory and rename or create the file 3445-********************

Windows Installer Archive

Windows Portable Archive (UAC and Non-UAC Versions)

Mac Installer Archive

Mac Portable Archive

This article applies to Metadefender Endpoint Management
This article was last updated on 2016-12-28


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