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How can I automate the download of latest OESIS & AppRemover SDK Releases?

The Portal provides access to the latest OESIS and AppRemover SDK product downloads and release notes files. Information about the latest OESIS product releases are contained in an xml file here and Appremover releases are in an xml file here.

Below are steps on how you can use the latest.xml to automate downloads of product files for OESIS and AppRemover:

         1. Compare the current file with the previous file that you utilized. From this, determine whether the current file contains newer information about releases than the previous file. If the current file does contain new information, follow the steps below to download the most current latest.xml file and utilize this with curl scripts to automate product file downloads.

          2. Download the xml file by logging into Portal using curl. (Example found here).

          * -c "Specify to which file you want curl to write all cookies after a completed operation".

          * -b "Pass the data to the HTTP server as a cookie".

          Login by sending info here.

          * curl -c /tmp/cookie.txt --data "loginEmail=LOGIN&loginPassword=PASS" --location

          "https://portal.opswat.com/user/login"> /tmp/curl_log-in.txt

          (Replace LOGIN and PASS in the above example with valid Portal credentials).

         3. Parse XML for relevant product.

         4. Determine whether the current version is newer.

         5. If it is newer, use `curl` to POST login form and save cookie.

         6. Use `curl` again with the cookie from previous step, and link from the xml.

Note: Curl is a command line tool available for most Unix environments and Windows. It is also available in most default Linux repositories. However, it's also a programming library so the above should be possible to perform in code instead of script. More information can be found here.

This article pertains to Oesis V2, V3 and AppRemover V3 .
This article was last updated on 2015-11-12.