What is Metadefender Endpoint Management?

OPSWAT's Metadefender Endpoint Management is a cloud-based network security and manageability solution for IT professionals. Metadefender Endpoint Management
provides visibility and management for many application types from antivirus to hard disk encryption and public file sharing, as well as the ability to remove non-compliant applications.
Some of the key features of the product include the ability to:
  • Monitor all kinds of devices - Windows and Mac (Android and iOS coming soon)
  • Assess all types of applications - Antivirus, hard disk encryption, public file sharing and more
  • Automatically remediate issues - Disable public file sharing applications, update virus definitions, enable firewall protection and more
  • Uninstall non-compliant applications such as unwanted antivirus or public file sharing applications
  • Get detailed status reports for devices in your network

Note that prior to February 24, 2015, Metadefender Endpoint Management was called Gears or Gears Cloud. The name change occured to better reflect that this product is part of a suite of security products that OPSWAT offers, all under the brand name Metadefender

This article applies to Metadefender Endpoint Management.
This article was last updated on 2016-02-23

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