How do I submit feedback or report an issue?

There are 2 ways to submit a ticket to our Support team:
  1. By clicking on this link to the Support Portal.
  2. From Metadefender Endpoint Management, go to the Help Center, and click on 'Submit a Ticket'.

Both paths will take you to the OPSWAT ticketing system.

The following details will be requested when submitting a ticket: 
  • Summary. Should include a brief summary of your issue
  • Priority. What the priority of the issue is to you/your organization – Blocker, Critical, Major, Minor, or Trivial
  • Product. Which product you are submitting a ticket for – in this case it would be GEARS
  • Attachments. You can include any supplemental files or details here (i.e. screenshots, logs, etc)
  • Environment. What are the details of the device/environment with an issue, including operating system, software platform, and/or hardware specifications
  • Description. A description of the issue that is occurring, including frequency and actions taken that caused the issue
If you are a new Portal user, you will need to activate your account before you can submit a ticket. 
This article applies to Metadefender Endpoint Management.
This article was last updated on 2014-06-23
(This article was changed to reflect the new name of Metadefender Endpoint on 2016-02-23)
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