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Why don't I have access to OESIS Framework SDK v3?

OESIS Framework SDK v3 has been end-of-lifed as of December 31st, 2016 (the initial announcement of the end-of-life date was made on December 31, 2014). Thus OPSWAT no longer releases new OESIS v3 builds with product signatures. Additionally, OPSWAT no longer provides support to resolve issues related to OESIS v3 (other than to recommend migration of your integration to OESIS v4). 

As of January 2017, your integration should be to OPSWAT's native v4 SDK or to the OPSWAT provided v3->v4 Connector.  

The Connector allows you to continue to use the v3 interface, though there are limitations to the data compatibility. It is meant as a stop-gap solution until you can rebuild your integration using native OESIS v4 APIs.  

OPSWAT recommends that you migrate to native OESIS v4 APIs as quickly as possible. The native v4 provides a modular design with a smaller footprint along with better performance. Native OESIS v4 will also include additional advanced modules and features such as:

The following migration options are available:

This article applies to OESIS v3 
This article was last updated on 2017-02-07.