How to disable scan in Metadefender Core V4?

To disable Scan function on Metadefender Core follow these instruction: 

  1. Go to Workflow Management and update or create a new Workflow. Alternatively you can clone an existing Workflow.


The factory default workflows can not be edited.


2. Use the Edit Workflow button to open the Workflow Editor: 

3. Identify the "Scan" code block and replace the code with this one :

"scan": {
  "options": {
    "type": "not_scanned"
  "transition": {
    "default": "handleSanitization",
    "error": "handleSanitization"
  "type": "NotScanned"


4. Save the Workflow Editor and make a Security rule that uses this workflow. 



This article applies to Metadefender Core v4.x.
This article was last updated on 2017-01-05.

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